New Partner in Mexico: Sonrise Odontologia

2 min readOct 6, 2021

Just last week we welcomed Dentacoin’s first partner from Mexico. And now, we are more than happy to announce further expansion in the country with Sonrise Odontologia joining our network! The practice is run by the remarkable Dr. Viridiana Kyle, whose positive attitude and friendly smile can make every patient forget about their dental fears. She is not only an exceptional dentist though, but also a devoted dentalpreneur by heart. Sonrise Odontologia is oriented toward dental tourism. For more than 10 years now, patients from Mexico and visitors from foreign countries have left the practice with a cured smile. Dr. Kyle always strives to create a pleasant experience for patients. And that is one of the reasons why she chose to join Dentacoin. Let’s review what else made her decide to adopt DCN tools!

Latin America in Demand For Crypto Payments

Latin America is one of the most developed regions in regard to crypto implementation in the world. So it is only natural for dental practitioners in the area to explore this new alternative payment method that has captured the attention of people. Dr. Viridiana Kyle shared that a lot of her patients have already used cryptocurrencies. And, she wants to provide for them easier access to payments, combined with an opportunity to engage in preventative dental care.

“I believe that our partnership will be successful! With Dentacoin’s help, I hope to introduce dental crypto payments in Mexico” shared Dr. Viridiana Kyle.

Dr. Kyle is a very ambitious young professional, who loves the challenges in life. Her love for traveling led her to make international connections, and expand the practice of Sonrise Odontologia welcoming patients from different parts of the world. She is dedicated to growing her practice as a leading clinic in the dental tourism sector. And therefore English language is spoken in the clinic in order to accommodate suitable treatment for anyone.

Dr. Viridiana’s Devotion To Social Justice and Helping Others

Besides being a devoted dentistry professional, Dr. Viridiana is also invested in impacting less advantaged communities in a positive way. In recent years she has been part of governmental projects benefiting more than 9000 patients in need. Furthermore, she was also a volunteer in the International Rescue Committee giving support to refugees and immigrants in the US. During this time, she was part of the Women’s Initiative in Charlottesville Virginia helping the Latino community. All that shows us that Dr. Kyle is not only devoted to doing good in her dental office but generally to do good in life as helping others.

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