New Partner: Wilson Antonio Cruzado Romero

Time for some amazing news for our loyal community in Venezuela, as we sign our first partner in the country — Dr. Wilson Cruzado.


Dr. Cruzado is a LUZ University graduate, with more than 15 years of experience in private healthcare. At his Valera-based practice, patients can take advantage of dental surgery, general and aesthetic dentistry services.

While working with his patients, Dr. Cruzado is very attentive to the details and sees his work as more than just a drill-and-fill treatment. Instead, he provides comprehensive care for the patient’s well being that includes a closer look at their physiology, and aesthetic function to create the perfect smile, health, and patient satisfaction.

It is certainly exciting to have Dr. Wilson Cruzado with us, as our first partner that caters to the growing Dentacoin community in the South American country. The doctor also shares our excitement and is ready to take advantage of the ground breaking technology that is blockchain

“Dentacoin as a cryptocurrency is a very good solution for us, dentists, as a way of payment, not only for fast transactions but also because of its stable value that allows us to either save them or buy the dental materials that we need, quickly and with ease.” — shared Dr. Cruzado.

He is also already taking advantage of our tool suite, by having a dedicated page on Trusted Reviews. Have you had the chance to get treated at Dr. Cruzado’s practice? Leave your thoughts via the link below:


With Dr. Cruzado joining the network, it is now reaching 134 locations in 41 countries and 6 continents, all working together to spearhead comprehensive care and prevention in the dental industry. Do you know who the rest are? Find them all on our partner map here.



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