New Progressive Partner: Dental Spa Vadodara

3 min readOct 23, 2021

It is an honor for Dentacoin to welcome as a new partner the luxurious Dental Spa Vadodara! Dr. Pray K Mehta, who runs the place has been fortunate to gain dental knowledge through his education all over the world. Now he implements what he has learned in his homeland, as he welcomes patients for dental tourism. But Dental Spa Vadodara goes beyond your usual dental studio procedures as it offers patients anti-aging and rejuvenation treatments. A true smile is a state of mind, and that is why Dr. Mehta is so devoted to creating a place for relaxation and pleasure.

Evolving each year Dr. Mehta keeps on building a good reputation, as he and his team make patients happy. With Dentacoin’s implementation, he hopes to reach more overseas patients and further grow the dental tourism operations of his clinic.

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Dentacoin Through The Eyes of Dr. Mehta

Dr. Mehta has spent a lot of time abroad, expanding his knowledge in dental medicine. Attending seminars with some of the leading specialists in the field has enriched Dr. Mehta’s skillset as a dentist and helped him form a vision of the clinic he wants to build. Technological advancements in dentistry and superior patient experience play a pivotal role in achieving it:

“Dental Spa Vadodara is proud to become Dentacoin Partner lining up next to the most forward-thinking dental practices in the world! Introducing Dentacoin as an alternative means of payment and showing our patients how to make use of Dentacoin apps will surely strengthen our relations.”

Shared Dr. Pray K Mehta

One may say that Dentacoin was a natural solution for Dental Spa Vadodara. Dr. Mahta has always been involved in dental healthcare on an international level. And Dentacoin Partner Network will surely enhance his already blooming relations all over the world and help expand the patient base from abroad.

Specialized Dentistry at Ease!

Dr. Mehta wishes for his patients a beautiful smile, but not at the cost of pain and fear! Sit back, it’s time to relax.

Scented rooms with soothing waterfall sounds welcome patients. The atmosphere is enhanced with wellness services and chill music. And if you are not already at ease, the excellent service of the kind team at Dental Spa will surely make patients feel comfortable. You can now take a virtual 360 tour of their dental practice by clicking HERE.

Dental Spa Vandoda’s main goal is to implement dentistry that is not only painless but relaxing. Besides this, the clinic also offers a wide range of beauty procedures. Patients that want to rejuvenate a youthful look can do this at affordable prices, thanks to Dr. Mehta.

Dr. Preya Mehta — Changing the Local Dental Scene

Dr. Preya Mehta specializes in Implantology and Cosmetology. He is proud to have pursued a highly prestigious program of Implantology in London, under the mentorship of Professor Dr. Steward Harding.

His participation in many international conferences led him to his progressive vision for dentistry. And now he is building bridges beyond the borders of his beloved India. With such an ambitious dentist as a leader of the clinic, we are sure that we will be hearing loads about the progress of Dental Spa Vadodara!

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