New Top-20 Exchange, Buyback and Coin Burn

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Dear Community,

Today is a day of great significance to Dentacoin for a few reasons.

Firstly, Dentacoin has been listed on FatBTC — one of the top exchanges on CoinMarketCap. It currently ranks #10 by 30-day volume which places it as a prime candidate to bring higher liquidity for Dentacoin. Trading against ETH and BTC starts at 8 am UTC today, October 2, 2019. Read more…

Secondly, we are buying back* part of the DCN tokens on HitBTC — the platform that was, unfortunately, used by the Cryptopia hacker to sell the main share of his stolen Dentacoin tokens and thus to artificially decreased the market price. To compensate for the hack-caused losses, the bought Dentacoin tokens will be veriably burnt (the proof link will be published here later today).

And lastly, to further support the above-mentioned, as well as to neutralize the planned annual inflation for the year of 2020, until the end of this year we are planning to burn the unlocked in 2019 tokens that have not been distributed throughout the year.

We have always believed in the substantial value of the Dentacoin concept. The one that goes far beyond speculations and artificially created market conditions. Earlier this year we were forced to face the power of factors outside of our control. And although they couldn’t stop us from advancing our offerings and growing our user network, we still feel obliged to consciously react to any harmful circumstances. All in the name of Dentacoin, you — our supporters, and the future we strive to build.


Dentacoin Team

— — — — — — — — — — — -

* This possibility has been described in Dentacoin Whitepaper, p.15.

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