NYC awarded startup — Floss Bar — is now part of Dentacoin Ecosystem

4 min readFeb 27, 2018


Dear community,
We are extremely pleased to let you know that we are now partnering with Floss Bar, a company created by Eva Sadej in 2017. Floss Bar is a lifestyle brand empowering consumers to take back their power in the dental chair.


Eva comes from a small town in Poland and the mean streets of Brooklyn. She graduated Harvard in 2012 and worked in Bridgewater Associates- the world largest hedge fund. She recently left her Wharton MBA program to accelerate Floss Bar.

What is Floss Bar?

Floss Bar was founded in 2017 to fulfill the desperate need for improvement of the dental industry. It all started when the founder was trying to book a hygienist appointment for her Canadian boyfriend, and she learned what a hassle it was for someone without insurance, how expensive it was and how limited the opening hours were. Taking half a day off, or call in sick to get to the dentist just doesn’t work for most people.

How did you decide to implement Dentacoin?

“We have been following blockchain technology closely and think the possibilities for business and society are revolutionary and we have been eager to see it integrated into the dental industry. We see Cryptocurrencies permeating into all parts of society and there are many interesting use cases within the dental industry. Our commitment is to allow patients to pay in the best way that works for them and being in NYC which has been a hotbed for crypto projects we felt it makes sense to give our patients that option.” The dental market has been behind the curve when it comes to implementing new technologies and innovations and we are looking to change that.

Have you already presented Dentacoin to your patients?

We have not yet started to implement dentacoin. We are looking to educate our leadership team on the platform and its use cases. Most of our patients and team have heard of bitcoin but there is still a steep learning curve for our our dentists to become comfortable with this innovative payment method, but are confident that they will see the value once properly informed. We are excited to be one of the first dental companies to be on the edge of innovation and supporting the healthcare community in understanding this powerful technology. We have plans to incorporate it as part of our product roadmap across Floss Bar website, marketing, outreach, and social channels like Facebook and Instagram. Part of being an early adopter is the role of educating both the providers and our patients, and leading by example.

How do you see our future cooperation?

Patients want a dental experience that is on par with modern affordable on-demand services they are accustomed to like Lyft, Drybar, AirBNB, whether they are insured or not. We feel that blockchain is a revolution democratizing healthcare. We see a world where the doctors and patients have a more direct connection and we can minimize the need for unnecessary fees and administrative costs from third-party administrators. We want to drive value to our patients and we want them to benefit by engaging with Floss Bar as their key, 5-star provider or preventative care and pipeline to advanced services by reputable dentists. And we are always seeking feedback on their contributions online, giving reviews and interacting with content. This new technology has the potential to have them benefit by spending their time at Floss Bar both in person and digitally, giving the gift of Oral Health Reimagined to their peers and family.

How do you estimate the future potential of the project?

There are over 130 million people that do not have access to oral health in the US — due to dentists being unavailable in their areas, as well as fear, time, and price. Getting care currently takes away from their work lives, prices increasing at 2x the inflation rate, and anxiety about drills and past negative experiences keeps they away. The dental market is dominated by legacy and disparate systems and practices have yet to create efficiencies through design, technology, innovation, and automation. The average practice is operating at less than 50% utilization. Basically, there are chairs in offices that are empty and there are patients that desperately need the care. This presents a tremendous opportunity. The 180k hygienists in the US are under-employed and we are the leaders in the preventive health revolution. We see the use of the latest technology, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies as the tools to tap into this ever growing market of healthcare.

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