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2 min readJul 22, 2021


Dentacoin network knows no limits or borders, as it continues to expand throughout megapolises, suburban towns, and even rural areas. We are joined by RiteBite Dental, a multi-specialty dental clinic with expertise in orthodontic and pediatric dentistry. It’s a family practice run by Dr. Yash Patel and his wife Dr. Tulika Gupta Patel. Their kind approach to both children and older adults is what they take pride in. What is more, they got featured in the famous “Times of India” newspaper where they shared “Kids love us, parents trust us!”. Read below to find out why!

Special Care for All Patients

RiteBite Dental is the first clinic in Jetalpur, Vadodara area to provide orthodontic and pediatric dental care, specializing in dentistry for kids, teens, and adolescents with special health needs.

Furthermore, the practice has a dedicated play area for children, in order to create a more pleasant and comfortable experience. In addition, RiteBite Dental has expertise in specialty treatments such as root canal, implant dentistry, gum surgeries, dentures, and others.

Dr. Yash R. Patel, is an orthodontist and certified clear aligner therapist specialized in braces, as well as functional jaw correction treatments. His wife Dr. Tulika Gupta Patel, on another hand, is a pediatric dentist dedicated to the maintenance of oral health for all ages. Working hard side to side each day, the two dentists create beautiful smiles.


“Dentacoin Creates Change!”

Dr. Patel is motivated to develop the practice through modern technologies. As a progressive dentist, he is looking for ways to stimulate patients to follow preventative dental care practices. This is where Dentacoin comes in handy. Ready to take advantage of Dentacoins smart solutions, Dr. Patel comments:

“Dentacoin is an interesting concept, as not only will it increase awareness for dental treatments, but also promote and motivate preventive dentistry in India. Dentacoin is here to make a change! If you do not innovate there is no development for your practice. And, with the rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain, it’s about time healthcare professionals also take a step ahead!”

Surely, innovations are not always an easy challenge. However, those who are willing to dive into uncharted waters, are the ones who will progress. As a clinic with dedicated professionals, RiteBite’s mission is to create a better environment for dental treatment. With that in mind, it’s no wonder they decided to join Dentacoin — the blockchain solution for dentists all over the world.

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