Setting Foot in Turkey — Dr. Erdem Azim Becomes Partner

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Say hello to Turkey, as we greet our first partner there — Dr. Erdem Azim with his Istanbul-based clinic!

The practice announced accepting Dentacoin last week with a post on their Facebook page:


About Dr. Erdem Azim

Dr. Azim is a Hacettepe University graduate with over 10 years of tenure in the field. His career began immediately after graduating, during his military service, where he was a Reserve Officer and Dentist. It was also during this time that he opened a private practice in Artvin that served the local community, while he was still in the service.

Upon his return from the military, Dr. Azim moved to Istanbul, where he opened the clinic he owns today — Özel Erdem AZİM Ağız ve Diş Sağlığı Polikliniği Ticaret Limited Şirketi in Sancaktepe, Sarıgazi, Istanbul.

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Since 2012 he has also been the District Representative for the Istanbul Chamber of Dentistry, a position he currently resides.

Making Waves in the Middle East

We are thrilled to have Dr. Azim join us as the first Dentacoin partner in Turkey, as we further increase the number of countries currently supporting payments in the first and only dental cryptocurrency. Along with one of our latest partners — Iranian Dental Center, Oman and 5 other locations in UAE, Lebanon, and Iran, Dr. Erdem Azim’s practice brings the total up to 7 partner locations in the Middle East.

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Dentacoin is a very interesting solution for our clinic, as it is widely accepted around the world and presents an amazing opportunity to reach a larger potential patient base. Moreover, thanks to Dentacoin, our patients will be provided with a new payment method and will be incentivized to pay closer attention to their oral hygiene,” commented Dr. Azim.

Dr. Azim on Dentacoin Trusted Reviews

The doctor is already taking advantage of the tools Dentacoin developed to help clinics to reach more patients by having a dedicated profile up on Trusted Reviews.

Are you a patient of Dr. Azim? If so hop on and leave your feedback via the link below:


Following our recent milestone of 100 locations, it is exciting to bring another partner from a brand new country. Now totaling 105 locations in 28 countries, the Dentacoin network is larger than ever with a presence at key destinations from every continent. See all partners here.

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