Stepping Into the Future: Dentacoin Deployed on Optimism

We are excited to announce that Dentacoin has been launched on Optimism Mainnet, the official layer 2 solution for Ethereum with faster and cheaper transactions. With this step, we have completed the first major milestone towards synchronization of Dentacoin infrastructure with Optimism. As announced earlier, the upcoming upgrade of Assurance 2.0. will pioneer as the first assurance plan on the Optimistic Ethereum.

Dentacoin contract on Optimism was among the first 100 verified and is already publicly available:


Paving the Way Forward with 10xSavings on Fees

The rewards in DCN embedded in Dentacoin tools will switch to the Optimism network from next year. This way users will no longer have to wait for lower gas fees and will be able to get their rewards much faster.
The change also brings several benefits to the dentists in the Dentacoin partner network. They will be able to receive DCN payments both on Optimism and Ethereum mainnet. However it is expected that most patients will make use of Optimism as transaction fees are at least 10 times lower with the potential to be brought down ever more in the future months:

Dentacoin Transfer Fees Comparison

(08th Dec)

Ethereum Optimism 19.06 USD 1.87 USD

Soon, all DCN token holders will be able to take advantage of these lower fees as Optimism mainnet will be supported in the upcoming update of Dentacoin Wallet dAPP in January 2022. The implementation is now in Beta public testing and everyone who wants to try it out can join through the form here.

It is expected that in 2022, Dentacoin on Optimism will become available for staking, as well.

What’s with the Current Dentacoin

Dentacoin on Ethereum remains the DCN token for trading on exchange platforms. Dentacoin on Optimism is not a new token — it is only generated once DCN tokens are sent to Optimism through Dentacoin wallet dApp. The process is easy thanks to an user-friendly interface and special technology for faster processing.

The new infrastructure was brought to life to also protect traders’ interests and make sure that rewards received through tools or dentist programs do not interfere with the trading value of DCN on exchange platforms. Thanks to all community members that proposed that!

We will never get tired of advancing Dentacoin to the most usable and innovative version possible!

Excited to give it a try? Join the Beta testing below!




Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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