Take your NEO profits and put them into Dentacoin.

Hello Dentacoin supporters!

We are excited to see more support and trust into our mission every day.

As you know, Dentacoin is already tradable on Etherdelta and Cryptopia exchanges. You can also see the actual value of Dentacoin on CoinMarketCap.

Until our official ICO in October, this is where you can trade Dentacoins.

Today we came across a video review of Dentacoin, made by Austin Angler, famous for his advice on stock trading, cryptocurrency and new emerging coins.

He recently made good money on NEO and now proceeds to putting them into Dentacoin.

NB: Dentacoin Review at 8:16.

In case you got ideas to creating more valuable videos about Dentacoin, do not hesitate to contact us.

Originally published at Dentacoin Blog.

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