The Listing Marathon Continues: Dentacoin Now Available on weiDex

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October 1: Let’s start this month with some more positive news from the Dentacoin listing marathon! We are excited to announce that as of October 1 at 3:00pm UTC, Dentacoin will be listed on the new promising weiDex exchange!

About weiDex

weiDex is a full-service decentralized exchange that guarantees maximum security, transparency and open source logic. The platform requires no personal information to trade and highlights convenient features, such as multiple order fulfilment, Bull/Bear Bomb, Crumb cleaner, high-reward referral system for airdrops, as well as cross-chain transactions and atomic swaps.

Let us expand on some of the lesser known, but useful features. For starters, the weiDex multiple order fulfilment allows orders to get charged only once, no matter how many transactions it takes to fulfil the order. Then the Bull/Bear Bomb permits users to instantly convert all of their funds to Ether (ETH), or WDX (the platform’s native token) and vice versa, in order to avoid losing value from large drops. Last, but certainly not least is the Crumb cleaner, which converts small fractions of leftover tokens, which are too small to warrant trading, into WDX instantly.

Among other interesting features are a referral system, where you earn 20% of your referral’s trading fees as contribution, an open API, as well as ICO hosting platform.

Dentacoin Among the First Available Coins on weiDex

As of October 1 at 3:00pm UTC, Dentacoin will be available for trading on weiDex against Ethereum (ETH). weiDex applies a trading fee of 0.1%. The platform also offers free trading (no fees) for all users during times of high trading volume. There are no deposit and withdrawal limits, or fees.

“The team at weiDex are very excited to announce that one of the first projects to be listed on the weiDex exchange is Dentacoin. weiDex are firm supporters of the Dentacoin project in regards to their philosophy and what they are achieving in disrupting the traditional healthcare industry with blockchain technology.” — weiDex Facebook.

When asked about the partnership, weiDex CEO Tito Titov had this to say:

“We decided to make Dentacoin one of our flagship tokens for the launch of the weiDex exchange for the following 11 reasons:

  1. Dentacoin is one of the most stable ERC-20 tokens in the current bear market.
  2. The Dentacoin team are continuously developing the project technology with innovative ideas and achieving set targets
  3. DCN has continued to hold stable volume over more than 20 exchanges
  4. Dentacoin has an extremely good reputation both in the Crypto space as well as the traditional healthcare industry due to their proactive approach to innovative dental care systems for both health professionals and patients globally.
  5. Enthusiastic and loyal community of investors
  6. DCN tokens have a real world use case and are by design deflationary
  7. Dentacoin are operating in a market that is poised for massive disruption, namely the $8 Trillion a year healthcare industry.
  8. Dentacoin are implementing new products and services into the dental care industry
  9. Strong long term projections of achieving 10% of the global market share of the dental health industry equating to 600 million patients and 200,000 dentists operating within the Dentacoin network.
  10. Dentacoin continues to look for ways to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and the mainstream. For example in July 2017 they purchased London based Dentaprime International PLC for $92 million using DCN tokens. These commitments are very much in line with weiDex’s goals for the cryptocurrency industry.
  11. DCN is accepted as a means of payment by 70+ dental practices, labs, suppliers in 17 countries.”

Following the Dentacoin listing, weiDex will become the twenty-fourth supporting exchange, in addition to HitBTC, Cryptopia, Coinexchange, Mercatox, IDEX, CoinFalcon, UPcoin, BuyUcoin, Godex, AtomicWallet, SimpleSwap, CryptoBulls, TokenJar, BestRate, EasyRabbit, KoinOk, ChangeNow, ChainEX, LATOKEN, CoinSwitch, OEX, CoinHub and Bitibu.

Originally published at Dentacoin blog.

Healthcare Industry should be in the hands of the people.

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