Tooth Spot Dental Clinic Partners With Dentacoin

Today we are happy to introduce you to our 184th partner — Tooth Spot Dental Clinic and Implant Center. Located in the heart of Panchkula (India), the dental practice has been operating for nearly 20 years now. Dr. Maneel Grover, BDS, owner of the clinic, treats patients alongside his wife Dr. Monica Grover, also BDS.

Tooth Spot Dental Clinic offers a wide range of dental services — smile makeovers, full mouth rehabilitation, orthodontics, dental implants, root canal treatments, etc. Now let’s unravel what brought them to Dentacoin!

Dr. Maneel Grover’s rich professional experience has taught him that relationships are one of the most important factors for a prospering practice. Logically, when he heard about Dentacoin, he easily got invested in the project. He is very excited about joining our Partner Network, as it provides the opportunity for new markets exposure.

“I have ambitions for expansion of Tooth Spot and I see great potential in a long-term partnership with Dentacoin. I want to expand on new markets and implement new progressive concepts for my dental practice.”

Dr. Maneel Grover, Principal Dentist at Tooth Spot

With the help of his son, Dr. Maneel Grover has been learning more and more about the new technological advancements of Dentacoin. He is already well acquainted with the useful features offered by Trusted Reviews and the Dentacoin HubApp.


Dr. Maneel Grover acquired his BDS from Mysore University back in 1997. His devotion to dentistry led him to teach at different colleges across the country. Guided by his passion for knowledge, Dr. Grover completed a variety of courses such as Comprehensive Oral Rehabilitation by the New York College of Dentistry, Implant Dentistry Course by the University of Hong Kong, Smile Design and Practice Management course, etc.

Dr. Maneel Grover and his spouse Dr. Monica Grover both have an immersive experience in helping people — not only by offering professional dental care but also through social work.

Mrs. Grover devoted lots of her time to different social campaigns. She took an active part in various trainings for empowering poor women in rural areas and coordinated the National Children Science Congress in Punjab. Dr. Monica Grover is a consultant dental surgeon at Tooth Spot. She graduated from Buddha Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital, Magadh University in 1998. Similar to her husband, she also served as a teaching faculty member at a dental college.

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