Warning: Fake DCN Imitation on XT Exchange

2 min readOct 25, 2021

Dear community members,

It has come to our attention that there is a fake TRC token imitating Dentacoin logo and using the same ticker recently listed on XT exchange. Beware that this token is NOT related to Dentacoin in any way.

You can see that the scam token imitation of our logo and ticker on XT website:

Fake dcn xt exchange

In the announcement on the exchange, the website listed is of another project which has not announced the listing on their channels. And, we strongly believe that they are not aware about this at all.

Fake dcn tron

The contract owner created 2 imitations of DCN and in one of them, they simply replaced “dental” with “tental” in their information.

Fake dcn contract creator
Fake token tental

We reached out to the exchange to warn them about the scam token. However, until now the exchange is refusing to remove the fake token. Here is a proof of our communication.

Reply from XT Exchange:

Fake dcn reply

Email from Dentacoin:

Fake dcn email

How to protect yourself against scam?

To avoid potential scam, do not trust any listings which are not officially announced on our social media channels and included on our website: dentacoin.com/traders.

How to help protect others?

Spread the word: we strongly believe in the power of our community. Help us protect other people from falling victims to fraud by spreading this message!


Dentacoin Team




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