We Won the Vote: Dentacoin Listed on LBank Exchange

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It is with a great excitement that we are sharing the recent Dentacoin listing on LBank Exchange! Thanks to our loyal and active community, we won the voting competition with the astonishing 84.47% majority (see results).

About LBank

LBank is a centralized exchange launched in late 2016 providing digital asset trading services to users around the globe. It brings the volume needed to place it among the Top 10 — or often even Top 3 — trading platforms on CoinMarketCap. With a core team from some of top industry pros and universities, LBank claims to be offering unprecedented security, easy trading and a large selection of pairs to exchange. The exchange is also renowned for having some of the highest staking rewards from all industry platforms.

Dentacoin on LBank

Dentacoin (DCN)/ Ether (ETH) market on LBank exchange opens today, January 7th 2020. We intend to consider adding more trading pairs in future.

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LBank comes after a series of recent exchange platform listings. In less than two months, DCN has been listed on GraviEX, Altilly, Folgory, and Coinlim, thus expanding the opportunities for trades and holders to buy or sell their tokens.

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