Why did we premine 8 trillion Dentacoins?

With the upcoming Exclusive Hard-Capped Token Presale on July 1st, one questions keeps on being asked. Why did we create so many Dentacoins? 8 trillion DCN, to be exact.

The answer is simple. The concept of Dentacoin is global.

But let’s be more concrete:

  • For a global coverage and a long-term success, we certainly need a lot of coins.

The minimum required volume of any currency in order to have a chance for a global use is 5% of the total world currencies volume. Today, all of the world’s money equals USD 160 trillion and 8 trillion DCN is an equivalent to approximately 5% of this amount.

The planned daily users for our first tool — the Dentacoin Trusted Reviews Platform — is up to 3 000 000 users (3 million users), each of which will be rewarded a different amount of Dentacoins.

  • We need Dentacoins for earning through our value-creating tools.

Dentacoin token supports the mission of Dentacoin Foundation — to improve dental care quality worldwide through implement various value-creating tools. Each tool is served by Dentacoins — meaning each user of each tool will get rewarded in Dentacoins, depending on the value they add to the overall quality of the global dental industry. Each tool targets a different aspect of the dental industry.

Around 40% of the total amount of Dentacoins are reserved for EARNING (through tools and value-generating activities, contributing to the improvement of the dental industry), 40% are reserved for BUYING (ICO and presale activities, crowdfunding) and the other 20% are to be utilized by the Dentacoin Foundation for development of tools, marketing activities, bounty programs, future projects and unpredicted expenses.

The first public Presale is on July 1st, when a limited amount of Dentacoins will be available at a very low price, giving a chance to early investors to support the Mission of Dentacoin and be early participants in our future growth.

First ICO, with a hard-capped volume, is planned for October 1st, when a larger amount of coins will be available for public sale. The next ICO is planned for October 2018, a year after the first public token sale.

  • The Dentacoin token distribution has a limited annual distribution volume.

Dentacoin TimeLock contracts are already deployed. 6.088.888.888.888 DCN are locked and will be released bit by bit from 2018 to 2042 following this schedule: Dentacoin TimeLock Addresses — GitHub.

Due to the DCN being forever limited in amount and thus — inflation-protected, the value is expected to increase in time, giving the involved parties even more benefits.

Originally published at Dentacoin Blog.

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